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Nail Polish

   L'Amour Spa selects only the highest quality product from OPI©, CND©, Esse©, and Creative©. We have a whole collection of nail polish with more than 100 different colors; we are always up to date with new collections.

   L'Amour Spa is proud to offer ONLY YOURx Skin Care Products contain the highest quality ingredients and are renowned for their strict quality control. They feature high concentrations of active ingredients, including plant extracts, natural minerals and naturally sourced vitamins and proteins specially chosen to deliver superior results. Only food grade and pharmaceutical grade ingredients are used. Precise skin typing, higher percentages of active ingredients, and the additional aspect of skillful custom blending, make ONLY YOURx products not only the most pampering skin care treatment around, but the most effective.

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Hair Removal Products

   L'Amour Spa uses Flora© products, a high-quality product made in Italy, including the following:

Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Wax®

   Brand new formulation for private areas. This wax is designed for a very clean and tidy wax treatment. This pink, creamy wax is for very delicate and intimate areas. It leaves skin smooth with no waxy residue. It contains Teobroma Grandiflorom, a butter that is extracted from an exotic Amazonian fruit seed, that naturally grows in Brazil and is nourishing and healing. It also contains Passion Fruit extract (Maracuja).

Creamy Wax®

   Flora Wax® Creamy Wax with Essential Oils offers our clients’ sensitive skin the most effective yet gentle, non-irritating care. Softly scented, (in either lavender or green apple) this creamy wax delivers client relaxation and satisfaction. This product is only used for the face area.

Flora wax

Tinting Product



   Intensive Professional Lash and Brow Tinting Products formulated with natural ingredients. It does not contain any ingredients banned by the FDA. Vegetal Dye, Safe and long-lasting results, Intensive tints are the world leader in lash and brow coloring.

   We take pride in providing the most effective products and also a pampering luxurious spa experience, to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

Other Products